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LangChain setup for running locally



You can skip this page if you are interested in Colab notebooks only.

These are the instructions for local setup of the LangChain-specific Python environment. A prerequisite is the general setup for running locally.

You should have a copy of this repository from the general local-run setup already. Go to the docs/frameworks/langchain subdirectory.

Create a Python 3.8+ virtual environment, activate it and install the required dependencies with:

pip install -r requirements_langchain.txt


We are still in the process of getting all Cassandra components in the distributed LangChain: for this reason, until this is completed, the current requirements file temporarily installs LangChain from a fork we maintain.


Make sure you are in docs/frameworks/langchain and the virtual environment is active.

Source the API Key configuration with

. ../../../.api_keys

Now fire up Jupyter with:

jupyter notebook

and wait for a browser window to open with the notebooks in this directory, ready to run.

Database choice

The notebooks provide a choice between using Cassandra and Astra DB. Keep in mind that, if on a Colab, only Astra DB is supported out of the box. Check the "Further reading" section for more information.